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Please note: Beard length varies

Please note: Beard length varies


Peter Delgado

Hola! Thanks for checking out the site. My name is Peter Delgado. I am currently the Art Director for The Kroc Center San Diego Marketing Team.  I’ve held several different roles in a variety of environments, and have designed for a wide range of mediums, including web, mobile, video, and print.

The Kroc Center was my introduction into non profit in-house design. I have worked there for 8 years, growing from a production designer to an Art Director managing a small team of creative professionals. Continually learning how to foster team environments for talented designers and  who thrive off creating and designing experiences.

I have also played a key role in the Kroc West ,Virtual Marketing Team, ranging from Phoenix to Seattle. As a team we have created unified marketing design strategies so that we can reach as many people as possible with clear and compelling messages. 

I have been a designer and illustrator for, Run Amok Design, Grossmont College, Commune, Dustin Nickerson Comedy, Grace Church, The Salvation Army and Hula Girl Design.  

I live with my wife in San Diego, in a little house down by a lake. During my free time I am usually curled up at a coffee shop drawing to my hearts content or browsing for records and DVDs at the local shops.

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